It was as if they had been apart only a day – ENJOY Love Is Never Past Tenseaca33-22031165   $1.99 


My novel Love Is Never Past Tense is  a modern day Russian romance/drama/elevated genre. The book has great reviews on Amazon and recently it was a bestseller there in its category. It has been adapted it into a screenplay titled Russian for “Love”.

photofunia-1468626837This true story is part biography, part history, but mostly a second chance romantic adventure.

Like Gone With The Wind we see a society collapse through the eyes of a generation growing up in privilege before tragedy struck, working to adapt and survive when the world changed around them. Both stories rely on a strong female leading character.

Like The Notebook, this is a story which stretches over a lifetime. Both books start with the couple having a summer romance, and both couples are torn apart by interfering parents who disapprove of their child’s selected partner.

Like In The Time if Cholera, it is a story of frustrated love that spans the adult life of the couple involved. Unlike this is not a love triangle story. Both are essentially second chance romances. Both stories use the characters as a lens to examine their respective cultures.

Below is an excerpt from the letter of JW Myers, the director and producer of The Christmas Tree Miracle, The Pledge and others.

“The characters are engaging and interesting, and it genuinely hooked me, and kept me interested through the entire read. I really enjoyed it. It’s an old-fashioned love story with an original twist of modern history and intrigue woven in …”

The book has been endorsed by the Director of the Columbus Jewish Film Festival. It is available on request.jewish-film-festival-director-columbus-oh-endorsement-letter-emily

It was as if they had been apart only a day – ENJOY Love Is Never Past Tense   $1.99