Today’s guest is Michele the Trainer!  I had the pleasure of being interviewed by her on her podcast recently. We talked after the recording was over, and I became fascinated by her mission.  I offered her several questions on various topics related to the most important factor that drives the World forward…
MicheleTheTrainer InternetSo, here is Michele!  You are welcome to share your thoughts below her interview. It will be an interesting conversation.

“What does Love and care mean to you? Can you share an example?”

Janna Yeshanova

 Answer by Michele the Trainer:

The existence of love is agreed on by everyone, though we can’t see it or measure it.

Love is when we really care about another being. Lust is when someone is only self-serving.

So what is self? Without getting too airy fairy, we should have some idea of what we think self is.  The ability to wonder that differentiates us from animals.

Who We Are

We can’t love unless we really identify with who we are.

Our uniqueness is our spirit, our soul. But are we feeding that? Are we caring for our soul by engaging in spiritual activities?

Doesn’t love come from our heart and soul? I think so because people sing about that all the time!

Our bodies are a vehicle for our soul. Are we caring for our body?

How can we really help someone else if we are neglecting our own root thoughts and core beliefs about who we are?

The heart of loving and caring for others is the realization that a person’s own health and self-care IS the heart, or foundation of their ability to love and care.

Caring for Ourselves

Self-care is not selfish, it’s our responsibility. Even in the greatest oldest spiritual texts there are some suggestions for self-care.

Loving is caring, and we can’t love and care unless we are taking care of ourselves. Our bodies, the vehicle for our good deeds, requires care.  Self-care is often neglected.

Often the excuse of caring for someone else replaces the act of self-care.

Sometimes a person requires care because they neglected self-care, for example, complications from a disease of lifestyle such as diabetes or cardiac issues. If that person had cared for themselves, then some caregiving could have been avoided.  We can remind the caregiver to care for themselves too, so that the destructive cycle of no self-care changes course.

Caring for Others

With my wellness business, I take care of a lot of people, who take care of a lot of people, to some level or another; CEOs, Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Parents, Caregivers, etc. In order to do that I have to take care of myself. I often get clients who KNOW they should be taking care of themselves and just need some help getting there (accountability).  Folks who care for others soon realize that their own health is the keystone.

 Folks who care for others soon realize that their own health is the keystone.

 Consider advocating for the earth, the oceans, the rainforests, the trees or animals. Can we be a voice for animals if we are careless with ourselves?  How can we educate others on protecting the earth if we aren’t well? The healthier and more energy we have, the more we can protect those who don’t have a voice, like animals, or oceans and rainforests.

I write a lot about the ocean. Those articles are read by folks who often have never seen the ocean.  If I’m not well enough to do my ocean activities to inspire my writing, I would not be able to share those thoughts, feelings, information and observations.

Lust or Love?

If we have relationships with people who are self-serving, it’s like lust, no matter if it’s personal or business (for example, businesses, including big and small businesses, we choose with that are only focused on money).

When someone actually cares, and isn’t self-serving, we can better hear suggestions to help us that come from love, not self-serving or lust, we can listen and choose to apply. Just like when someone speaks or writes from the heart, we are more likely to pay attention.

We can use a fitness example:

Business serving-

If someone pays a personal trainer that works for a large gym, it’s all about the money, a monthly financial quota that trainer is trying to make. Of course we might meet or know an individual here or there that cares, but it’s not the priority of the core business.

There are so many examples of businesses in all categories where the business comes before the customer’s care. We all need to be reminded of this!

 Serving others-

How can I help YOU?  I started my fitness/wellness business from the heart, because I cared to help others. I avoid those big gym models because keeping my priorities is my priority.  I maintain an authentic focus on helping others.

I listen to my clients and together we find ways that they can accommodate their self-care. They listen too.  They know that working with me is about them, because I do care.

Also consider, if I were sick or weak I wouldn’t be able to help anyone. My own self-care is imperative, as is yours!

Create a cycle of love and care

Self-care allows us to care more for more entities, resulting in more love all around. This creates good energy and a good example for others.

People that feel better are usually happier and that also creates good vibrations.

If we don’t care for ourselves we run the risk of enabling diseases of lifestyle or just feeling crappy which affects our attitude and vibe.

There is no requirement to love and care for a zillion people or animals.

Authentic self-care is enough to show some kindness here and there!

True love and care is immeasurable and can be exponentially beneficial!

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