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Today I am talking with Uvi Poznansky , author of The Music of Us and Dancing with Air. She has many interests and several books listed below, but what interested me was our common interest in connecting history into our stories.

Uvi, the history I put in Love Is Never Past Tense comes directly out of my life. How does history fit into your recent work?

I love writing historical fiction because it is one of the most difficult genres of all, demanding a complete immersion in the era and studying every detail–in clothing, gadgets, hairstyle, manners and of course, the timeline of events–in order to make the story not only believable but utterly authentic. And even though I pride myself on writing with a sensual slant, aiming to put you in the skin of the characters, I have never before focused on the genre that would allow me to develop that lyricism to the fullest: namely, Romance.Uvi Poznansky

But lately, the characters I have written in a previous book, My Own Voice, demanded that I take them back a generation, to WWII, to the beginning of their love story. In my new novel, I had such heartwarming fun witnessing Lenny and Natasha overcoming every obstacle I threw in their way, only to find themselves, as they were meant to from the beginning, in each other’s arms.

Please share an excerpt with us.

Gladly! This excerpt was the inspiration for the design of the cover of The Music of Us:

Music of usWith that Natasha handed the microphone back to him and curtsied to the audience. A wavy, red strand of hair slinked from her headband, which was decorated with delicate flowers, and glided over her bare shoulder. Below that, the bodice of her dress glinted as she turned around. And again, for just a second, I thought I felt her eyes fluttering in my direction, meeting my gaze. Everyone around me must have imagined that, too.

Natasha lifted the long, silky skirt of her dress, so its folds fanned out from the seam that hugged her hips. As she sat down they draped, full and flowing, over the piano bench, responding playfully to the light from above with a cherry red shine. A reflection of it lit her chin from below and lined the underside of her slender arms, just a touch. With a slow, deliberate motion she lifted her hand, letting it hover, for what seemed like the span of a thought, over its shadow over the keys.

Her fingers started flitting across the keys, and at once I was taken by the solemn, dramatic sounds she made rise over us. They came pressing against the far reaches of the hall, gathering ominously just below the vaulted ceiling, as if in preparation to blow it away and sweep us into the night.

And what was the inspiration for the cover of your new novel?

I was inspired by this passage in Dancing with Air, told by Lenny:

A month ago she had given me a page of her diary, and to the sound of it rustling in my hand I imagined her imagining me: dancing with air

He will be running his fingers down, all the way down to the small of my back, touching his lips to my ear, breathing his name, breathing mine.
Here I am, dancing with air.
Around and around we go.

With these words Natasha stepped into my mind, lighting up the gloom. I pictured her dancing with her back to me as if, between the two of us, I was the one who was not even there.
The ripples of her hair spread open, glinting in all shades of red. Wave by wave they cascaded down, first between her shoulder blades, then over them. Fingers stretched out, just like a ballerina, she raised her arm up high, swirling, twirling air, turning it into glow. The translucent fabric fastened around her waist flapped over her legs, folds radiating, fluttering, flaring with every sinuous movement, as she formed loops, slow, continuous infinity loops with her hips.

What does LoveIs2Care mean to you?

Some people equate love with desire, which is an urgent need to take. But in my mind, love is truly tested not by taking but by giving, by being ready to sacrifice for the well being of your beloved.

As you may know, almost every chapter in Dancing with Air includes lyrics, inspired by the era, which not only echoes the popular songs of the time but also reflects the mood of the characters. Your question reminded me of the lyrics I wrote for the last chapter:

You must now hold on to me
I must save the memory
Of our past, so we’ll be there
We’ll be there…

I’ll always believe in you
Cling to me, we’ll be strong anew
In days to come, we’ll be there
We’ll be there…

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