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(A parable translated from Russian–origin unknown)

One legend tells of how a very poor woman with a baby in her arms was walking by the roadside pub, when she heard a voice: “Come and take whatever you wish, but do not forget about the most important thing. Remember only this: after you get out, the door will slam shut forever.  For now, use the chance, but do not forget about the most important thing!” The woman entered the pub and saw tables full of gold and jewels. Struck by the view of Undeniable Wealth, she put the child on the floor and eagerly began to fill her apron with coins and precious stones.

She voice warned her: “You don’t have much time left!” Exhausted and panting, she loaded herself up until no room was available. At the last moment, the woman ran out of the pub with gold, jewelry and precious stones. The door slammed!!!!!!!!! Only then she thought of her child, who was left inside, but the door was closed forever. The same thing sometimes happens to us. We rarely live in this world longer than a hundred years, and often the inner voice tells us not to forget about the most important thing. And most important things are the spiritual values, life and family.

Money, profit, wealth and material pleasures sometimes veil our eyes, and the most important thing remains on the other side.

When the door is closed, our soul will not need carnal wealth….