Love Is Never Past Tense recently received some great customer reviews on Amazon.  Sharing the latest ones:


Love Is Never Past Tense spoke to my heart, as it displayed a true exhibition of how true love never ever leaves a person. It exemplifies the various stages of love beginning with infatuation, then lust, followed by a longing that never ever leaves the heart or the mind…


A good read without all the complexity of too many modern “love stories”. Charming in its presentation with just the right flavor of the author’s Russian background. It’s like listening to an old friend talking about a romantic thread that has run through her life.


I just reread the book… and I was amazed what twists of fate happened to the heroine, and what a strong character she possessed. When I saw photos of her in the cockpit of an airplane, I dropped all doubts that everything described was the truth.


To celebrate the good news, the Kindle edition of the book has been put on sale for 3 days starting Feb 12. The price goes up during the sale, so shop for your sweetheart early!

Happy Valentine’s Day!