Olympic events go to great pains to make sure nobody jumps the gun. While we expect this in competitive sports, it makes no sense to think that way about our own goals. While it is tempting to set goals for the new year, to create a clean slate as the year starts, doesn’t it make more sense to jump the gun and get a head start on your goals? Even if you don’t want to start right away, it’s still a good time to do some advance planning.

When it comes to developing goals, there are a few basics worth remembering:

Think big. If you shoot for the stars but fall short and hit the Moon, you’re still on the Moon.

Put your goal in writing. Clear written goals help us commit and measure progress.

Find an accountability partner and/or mentor. Talk about your goals and get support from anyone you can.

If you really want to give 2016 a jump start, try bringing in a coach. I’m willing to make that easy for you!

Dump the baggage from your past! Open a door to your future!

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