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In 2009, I was in Ukraine promoting the Russian edition of Love Is Never Past Tense. At one event, I met a minister who was raising money to support a local orphanage. Some time after I returned to America, I was web surfing for a nonprofit that I could help. Just as I was about to give up, I came across Orphan World Relief. Their office is located locally, but they help half a dozen countries around the world including Russia and Ukraine. I called them and a few days later met Mary Malone, their Director of Development.

MaKoy OWR Keynote

On November 5, I had the honor to offer a keynote presentation at a fundraising event they called A Soul Purpose. The event attracted over 200 people to Hilliard’s Makoy Center for an evening of soul searching and celebration.

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Mary Malone (left) and Janna Yeshanova

This dinner event filled a room designed for 200 people. I told them how I left the collapsing Soviet Union to protect my Soul Purpose — my family. I explained that this story was included in my book Love Is Never Past Tense–the photos below include some of the people who came up afterward to buy a copy. As for raising funds. the crowd was very receptive. By the end of the event raised over twice the amount of pledges the planners had targeted.

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This event was a wonderful example of a vision made real. In my coaching and training, I help people clarify their vision and achieve their goals. Since most really worthwhile goals cannot be accomplished by just one person, this often requires teamwork. The event team did a great job and more help is on its way.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

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