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What Love Is Never Past Tense is about:

How could he possibly know that she, a complete stranger, would inexplicably affect his life and be with him forever, whether she was at his side or not? Drawn together in Russia on a romantic Black Sea beach, Serge and Janna fall headlong in love and rush into marriage. Their divorce months later leads to years of “if only …”

Pressured apart by family and fate, they repeatedly cross paths, never quite reconnecting, never quite letting go. Changes in the world, their careers, and their lives, cause them to surrender to external influences. As they build separate lives and families, their destinies, shaped by post-Soviet political intrigue, collapse into a struggle for their very survival, and dreams of a better life. Long time later, distant memories of young, passionate love spawn emails that lead to international calls reviving an intimate, romantic connection to remind them-and us-that Love is Never Past Tense.

This book is a story of true love, adventure, and suspense told by the enamored themselves. The story is about events seen through a prism of years lived separately and again lived together. It not only forces the reader to empathize with the heroes, but wakens the most gentle, innermost part of one’s soul and provides an answer to an eternal question – what makes life worth living?

This is why, when you regretfully turn the last page, you understand: if you do not love and you are not loved, life is not real – it’s missing that which makes your soul hurt and fly, cry and laugh, your heart sing or bleed profusely. Those who love will understand it. Those who don’t will envy our heroes and will want to fall hopelessly in love.