I spent Monday afternoon with a hundred or so avid romance readers celebrating the release of Zebra Fish (Love Is Never Past Tense Book 3). We had a lot of fun and gave out a bunch of prizes. Here are the prize winners!

Giveaway 1: Allyson Kinirons
Giveaway 2: Cody Smith-Candelaria
Giveaway 3: Tanya Gaunt
Giveaway 4: Brenda Hook
Giveaway 5: Lisa Bernier
Giveaway 6:Aprille Shadowspeak
Giveaway 7: Lee’Anne Hardin

You can see the conversation for the party here:


Of course, that means that Zebra Fish has been released and you can download it now. Amazon customers can find the entire series here:


Other formats are available on Smashwords. You can find them here:


My thanks to all who came, and especially to Allyson Brann of Sizzling PR for hosting the event!