Happy Martishor! Lots of Peace to You!

According to one legend, on the first day of March there came out to the edge of the forest a young lady, Beauty Spring. She looked around and saw a snowdrop making its way from under the snow through a thawed patch. The angry thickets of a blackthorn tightly surrounded it and did not let it grow. She decided to help the flower and started clearing a way around the ground, releasing it from prickly branches.

Winter noticed what Spring was doing and grew furious. He spread his arms and called Cold Wind with Snow to destroy the snowdrop.

The weak flower hung its head under the cruel wind, but Spring covered the sprout with her hands and pricked herself with the blackthorn. A drop of hot blood fell from her wounded hand on the flower, and it revived…

So Spring defeated Winter.

Since then, people in Moldova, Romania and other Balkan counties weave two strings with white and red colors. Red symbolizes love and white – the beauty of the snowdrop, health and purity of the first spring flower. They send these talismans to their friends and give them as gifts on March 1.

People of all ages celebrate this holiday.

Every year on March 1 you put a Martishor on the collar of your jacket, and at the end of the month you take it off and leave it on a tree to help the tree to become healthy and fruitful.

There are many different legends about Martishor. This one was sent to me by a friend in Russian. I translated it to share with you.

Happy and peaceful March to All!

Janna Yeshanova