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Love Is Never Past Tense is now available for Kindle, so I am busy filling in all the little descriptive corners on Amazon and Shelfari. One of the more interesting problems for this book is settings and locations. The story takes place in several cities and countries over enough time that their names actually change. Let me share an example, then ask for your opinion.

One of the central themes from the book is an exodus from the USSR caused by the political instability of the country breaking up. On today’s map, I could refer to some of the key locations as Odessa and Koktebel (Ukraine), Kishniev (Moldova), and Moscow (Russia). Each of these places would be listed as in thr USSR at the time the story began. Do I list them by their current names or the name they had at the time?

Koktebel is a particular challenge because the book talks about how the Soviets changed the name of the city to Planerskoie and back. Events take place in Odessa both before and after the country boundary changed. How do I show this as a location on Shelfari?

It may even be appropriate to get into more detail, especially for Odessa. Scenes take place in recognizable places within the city — the Potemkin Stair, Lanzheron Park, and Deribasovskia Street (as hard to pronounce as San Francisco’s Lombard Street is to drive) are examples. Should these be listed individually? These all have significant story elements related to the city.

As the exodus takes place, the characters spend some time in Italy. There isn’t as much detail, but there are brief descriptions of Rome, Naples, and other places. Does it make sense to list every place, no matter how small its part in the book?

Love Is Never Past Tense is about Love! It’s about overcoming obstacles, about romance and adventure. It isn’t intended as a travel book. For the moment, I’m thinking to limit references to places that are significant to the story and use current names (Kokotebel, not Planerskoie), but I’m open to suggestions.

What location and setting information would be helpful to you in selecting a book? Please reply to this article if you have a strong opinion.

Janna Yeshanova

Love Is Never Past Tense...
Love Is Never Past Tense…

Article source: http://www.goodreads.com/author_blog_posts/4140185-some-settings-behind-the-story May 04, 2013