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“Dramatic Love Stories” is certainly the correct category for this book. You don’t need to take my word for it. Here’s a review from a reader.

Love Is Never Past Tense…A remarkably passionate novel of star crossed lovers embarking on an adventure of a lifetime. Set in a country of turmoil; during the collapse of the Soviet Union, two fearless lovers unite. Instantly they are drawn to each other, unmistakably aware that it is more than an instant attraction that has brought them together but unknowing what the future holds for them.

The story begins on a gorgeous black beach in Russia and gradually takes the reader into the depths of passion and exhilaration which is only indicative of beginning love. Unfortunately, the country is torn due to political issues and difficult decisions must be made that will put the wheels in motion and have lifelong effects with irreparable results. Their love affair takes them, and the reader, through emotions of admiration, infatuation, lust, fear, hostility, and dreadful misunderstandings that lead to compassion and compromise.

This novel evoked my feelings of undeniable hope and optimism that resonated in the pit of my stomach. It held me and refused to release me until I surrendered to emotional exhaustion at the same time uplifting me to become strong in their strength, to become passionate in their passion and to reveal my own desires through their courage.

I dare you to become part of the adventure.

Roseanne Bauer, Columbus OH

Love Is Never Past Tense...

Article Source: May 09, 2013