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My book Love Is Never Past Tense is a bargain on Kindle at $2.99, but from June 4-6 it is free.The book giveaway led to a few interviews on the Internet. Some asked me about how the book came to be. Some asked biographical questions. Some, including the one I’m thinking about, ask hypothetical questions. Here was the question:

Who was your favorite author, and if you could meet him/her what would you say?

This question is intended to create comparison and contrast, or at least to imagine a discussion. For me, it brought up a memory of actual events… and here’s the story.

While I was still teaching Russian in the Soviet Union, my college hosted a conference for educators of the Russian language. The agenda of this conference was to reveal how Russian language is perceived in national republics.

Russian was the main language of the USSR, but each of the 15 Republics had its own language as well. I lived in the capital of Moldova. I had to show to the attendees how Russian is taught and used by Moldavians.

This event was happening on the verge of Perestroika, when the journals and magazines were allowed to publish openly their thoughts and ideas.

Totally by chance, I ran into a novel written by one contemporary very well known actor, Leonid Filatov. Later on, he became a movie producer and theatre play director. The whole country loved and admired him and his talent! This masterpiece was a satirically-sarcastic work (can I say that?) in verse, directed toward the Russian government. It was so funny, so funny! And so sharp! It was possible to recognize all folk characters immediately.

After a lot of thought, I chose an unusual way to exhibit how well my students were prepared.

What my students performed on the stage made the 256 spectators laugh to tears. When they asked me later, how I managed to direct this play without having experience of a play director, I said “With great pleasure.” No more questions followed. This was quite an event in my life! But what you know now was only a part of it.

I always wanted to meet Filatov! It seemed that he had the same eyes that my Dad did, but I never thought about making some plans to meet this outstanding person. I never made such a goal. When I was leaving the Soviet Union, I was thinking what a pity that I hadn’t, but you never know…

I came to the US in 1990. Half a year later, someone called me from Columbus OH. Filatov had come to the US and he was holding presentations all over the country. I got the address. I got the time of his performance. The drive to Columbus was an hour and a half, but it seemed like an eternity. I invited a couple of people to come along on this trip to amplify the pleasure. We arrived at the building where Filatov had to perform. He was standing on the steps, together with another famous Russian actor. Nobody else was around them, and the impression was that they were waiting just for us. Hesitating only several seconds, I approached the two movie giants and introduced myself. I shared with Leonid Filatov what you already know. He was so surprised! We talked and hugged, and talked again after his event, and I gave him a copy of the newspaper article about me directing the play before it became popular.

In my life coaching, I often talk about the Law of Attraction—how things show up and unlikely events happen as the materialized result of what we envision.

Thoughts are materializing. Aren’t they?
Right now, I’m envisioning that you’ll check out my book at Amazon.com.

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