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Love is Never Past Tense 
Janna Yeshanova

Book Description:
A whirlwind romance on a romantic Black Sea beach turns into a quick marriage for Serge and Janna, only to have family, fate and foolishness tear them apart. If that weren’t enough, the politics of post-Soviet Russia puts them on different continents. Never quite coming together, never quite letting go, their lives overlap and entwine as years progress.
Beneath the adventure and romance is a deeper story of achieving your dreams regardless of obstacles placed on your way. Janna Yeshanova draws on her own life to illustrate courage, persistence, determination in overcoming adversity.
This book is a story of true love, adventure, and suspense told by the enamored themselves. The story is about events seen through a prism of years lived separately and again lived together. It not only forces the reader to empathize with the heroes, but wakens the most gentle, innermost part of one’s soul and provides an answer to an eternal question – what makes life worth living?
This is why, when you regretfully turn the last page, you understand: if you do not love and you are not loved, life is not real – it’s missing that which makes your soul hurt and fly, cry and laugh, your heart sing or bleed profusely. Those who love will understand it. Those who don’t, will envy our heroes and will want to fall hopelessly in love.
About the Author:
Originally from the former Soviet Union, Janna Yeshanova escaped to the United States when persecution became violent during the crumbling of the Soviet state. Arriving in the United States with her mother and daughter in tow, $126 in her pocket and knowing not a soul, Janna’s talent and experiences have helped her become a high end organizational training and development professional. Her exodus story is included in the book.Founder and principal of Life-Spark, LLC, Janna is a dynamic and powerful life coach, premier trainer and motivational speaker. She leverages her passion and engaging style to help others to overcome adversity and spark the possibilities of their lives.Love Is Never Past Tense… was published first in Russia and Ukraine in 2009, and is now available in English. It is a fascinating adventurous romance based on a true story.
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Twitter: @NeverPastTense  and @JannaYeshanova
FB: https://www.facebook.com/janna.yeshanova?ref=tn_tnmn   People are welcome to send me Friend requests
Publisher-  Life-Spark, LLC
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Interview Time!

                                       Hi Janna and welcome to my blog
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?Sure. What do you want to know?When did you decide that being an author was the ‘thing’ for you?I didn’t. It just happened. I was and I am a life coach and a leadership trainer. I was teaching at Antioch University in Yellow Springs in Ohio as well for a long while. Back in Russia, I was an editor and I also was teaching Russian Language and Literature at a college. Suddenly, I realized that I had a bunch of pages coming out of my feather—sorry—not from my computer keyboard. First, they showed up on  paper. Then, when I saw so many pages, I thought that they can become a book. This is what happened.  When people say that I am an internationally published author, I want to ask: “Who? Me?”

What was the very first book idea you had, did you write it and did you get it published?

The first idea and the first book in my case is the same, what is in front of you, Love Is Never Past Tense. First it was published in Russia and Ukraine, and then it was destined to come here, to the US, in English. Now, looking back, it seems that it just happened by itself. Almost always, something is happening with me, then I realize it later. If you ask me how, I’ll say: I do not know… I have no idea 🙂

How long does it take you to typically write a novel?

This is the first one. The book started its life, as I said, by itself years ago, and it became the first half of it. The other half … was finished in a couple of months. When the publisher in Russia took it, the book was not yet ready and had to be finished AFAWR (as fast as was required).  The trouble was the translation. The name of the book in Russian is not translatable, but it has a close meaning in the English version. At that time I had been in Moscow almost half a year. There I met a publisher from Ukraine who said that publishing in Ukraine is three times less expensive than in Russia. So, my husband and I went to Ukraine.  Reality showed that publishing the book in Ukraine was three times more expensive and took 25 times longer that it would’ve been in Russia.

This novel, as I said before, was started in the previous century J , in the previous millennium J. It was finished within couple of months on a beach of a Black Sea in Crimea in an open restaurant looking into the all shades of green and blue colors of my favorite sea.  Maybe, this is one of the reasons, that the sea is like a live hero on the pages of Love Is Never Past Tense …What’s your least favorite thing about the writing process?

Being interrupted 🙂What’s your most favorite thing about writing?

Reread the text, show it to my friends and get compliments.Do you have a playlist that you write to?

Absolutely … Beatles, Pink Floyd, Arrowsmith, Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Do you have any input into the cover design of your novel?

I’d like to tell you first what happened with the cover of the Russian version of the book
When we came to Ukraine, the publisher offered a cover that he already placed on some other book a year earlier.  He thought that I’d leave back to the US and not realize it. But someone, just by chance, showed me a book from this publisher.  The book had exactly the same cover that he offered. I was horrified!
So, I had a return ticket to the US, time was flying faster than I wanted, and I had no cover. I shared my frustration with a lady in a food market who tried to convince me that life was wonderful.  It happened to be, that this woman had a daughter who was an art school student.  This young lady, her daughter, created a cover in one night. The girl’s name is on the Russian version of the book.  So, we flew back home, realizing that the life was not as bad as I thought at that time! J . Later, I learned that the publisher went out of business… Maybe, he offered my cover to someone else… What a pity! He had a very intelligent face with a great smile with blue eyes.
The cover for the English version of Love Is Never Past Tense had a more simple destiny and I mention it in the acknowledgement of the book.  One of my friends from Ukraine, Dr. Kulish, found for me the picture with this boundless sky for the cover of the book compensating the photographer with two bottles of vodka and sent it to me over Skype.Do you have any advice for newbie authors just starting out?

Only one: do not get frustrated when you are stumbling and do not give up. A new day, a new event brings you new experiences and new thoughts…and new vision…Who is your favorite author of all time, and if you could meet him/her, what would you say?
Alexandr Pushkin always was a big joy for me.  When he finished his Boris Godunov, he wrote to one of his friends: “Tragedy is done, I clapped my hands and shouted: What a Pushkin, what a son of a bitch!”
This is what I’d say to him out of admiration.
What was the best book you read in 2012, and why did you love it?

When I was 20, I got into a book “И Умереть Некогда”.  I would translate it as “There Is No Time To Die” by Paul Vialar.  He is popular in Europe, but I never saw an English translation. I was thinking about this book my whole life. I came back to it in 2012. When I started reading it, I thought that having now my life experience the book will have a different influence on me. Not at all. It had the same effect. I loved it again. I may reread it sometime later too, reminding myself that I should live in the moment. We live often in the past or in the future, and we do not realize that “Now”, a very powerful “Now”, does exist. Very soon this “Now” becomes past. Then, we are trying to change it, but it’s too late. I am not implying that we should not learn from the past. Not at all. But then, why won’t we live in the present moment and change it and enjoy it while it’s possible? No blame, no regret, just enjoyment and appreciation of every bit of it.If HG Wells turned up in his Time machine, would you get on board?

Yes. Absolutely!If you could have lived in any era throughout time, when and where would you go?

I’d go back for a second to 19th century. Just for the sake of wearing long skirts, dresses with crinolines, umbrellas, hats with flowers, riding in a carriage – not cars, not wearing jeans.  Then I would want to come back to my jeans and my own driving.
Where would I go?
I’d go to France, early America…Out of the following, which one would you choose & why:
a.    Deserted Island
b.    Sprawling Megatroplis
c.    Magical Forest
d.    Outer Space

Deserted island. Eventually, you can invite there whomever you want … and … send them back…Are you a pre-planning plotter or a go with the flow writer?

Preplanning first, then, go with the flow 🙂Has anyone deeply influenced your writing style and chosen genre?

Russian classics, Hemmingway, Sergey Dovlatov, +++
Out of all the myriad of genres that have appeared in recent years, which ones describes your work?

Historical romance, adventure, humor, realism, some psychology  …Which would you rather do and why:
a.      Base Jumping
b.      Hot Air Ballooning
c.       Deep Sea Diving with Sharks (No Cage – muwahahha!)

Diving with sharks…and see what happens. Maybe I could tame them?If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

To call up shark repellant on demand (just in case).

How do you come up with titles for novels, do you get the idea for the story first or does hat come after you have the title?
The title came last. Do not ask me how. I do not have an answer.
Which method of writing do you prefer for your first draft?
a.    Handwrite the first draft
b.    Laptop
c.    Desktop
d.    The walls in your office! LOL
The Wailing Wall… Kidding… Handwriting… Sitting outside and writing… Cup of coffee that spills on the paper… I like to have personal contact with the paper. She (Paper) understands me very well)Do I have a moment to say “Hi” to everybody and express my hope that you guys will enjoy Love Is Never Past Tense?
Hi! J

*     *     *

Many thanks to Janna for sharing a little about her life, writing and novel with us today and remember to get your free copy today & tomorrow only – don’t miss out!I’ll be back tomorrow with a fabulous Blog Tour and again on Friday with a Book Blitz.Have funCat

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